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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

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Mad Monster Party? was really bizarre. Kurtzman's involvement isn't at all surprising, as there were gags that felt like they'd be at home in early MAD magazine. There are whole sections of the movie that are pretty much just different monster gags strung together. They all fit within the context of the story, but sometimes just barely.

Like you said, there are lots of moments where you think, "Did they really just do that?" There were plenty of things that would end up on the cutting room floor these days. There were several parts where I had to rewind it to make sure of what I'd just seen.

The weirdest part is probably the songs. Most of them seem kind of random and forced, especially in comparison to other Rankin-Bass productions. It makes sense for Yukon Cornelius to break into "Silver and Gold," for example, but some of these numbers are presented as if the characters up and decided, "I'ma sing now!"

Still, it was a lot of fun.
Yeah, much of it was very random. I love the long, pointless scene between the Chef and Peter Loree, where the Chef gropes him, threatens him with various types of bodily harm and then throws about twenty knives at him. Now that's a children's special.

And when the Bride suddenly leaps fifteen feet in the air and burst into song.

This is probably also the first children's special I've seen where two women rip each other's clothes off and have a vicious catfight. Or where all the characters wake up hung over.

It's also nice to know that if a woman hates you, all it takes is a couple of sharp slaps to the face to make her love you. This is also an educational show.

Yeah, I'll be watching this over and over.
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