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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Overall I score the book very, very high. I loved the fact that most of the characters we know and love were presented EXACTLY like I was watching the show. I loved Geordi being forced to think about and deal with the Data/B-4 issue. I hope more comes of that, because I think that just ignoring it book after book will start to upset a lot of the book reading faithful. I also hope we get more of Geordi. Him and Worf are now the two biggest rocks Picard has, and I'd love to see Geordi start playing that up. We've seen an alternate future where he is a Captain, and Riker asked him about being an XO. Maybe now that everything is changed and he is closely examining his personal life we'll see him make that move more towards leadership and possibly the command track. I'm not calling for him to get a ship next book, but Geordi is often under utilized in TNG storytelling. He's a strong character and I'm glad Chris showed us those moments, but I do want to see several more.

Chen doesn't bother me too much. I agree with what Chris said about her being intended to be annoying and abrasive. Star Trek is all about redemption and second chances. Starfleet and the Federation's mission is that of peace, exploration and development. I'm hoping she doesn't become a HUGE character, but to give her redeeming qualities and come through in the end doesn't make it silly or predictable. And if it does, well then all of Star Trek is. Either way, I'm a fan.

I can't say I liked what happened to Hugh at the end, but I guess I can understand it. I would have liked to see him some more, especially now that the Borg are truly adapting and evolving. Even so much as having a few more ex-Borg around for Starfleet now that this threat is going ot explode.

The only part I groaned at was the Enterprise going by itself. It seems to me Starfleet would want a few ships going, not just one. A small fleet to deal with a Borg threat makes a little more sense to me. Sometimes Voyager bothered me because it seemed like Voyager became a hero ship, or that the Borg weren't all that bad. The do damage like Wolf 359, but all we're gonna send is the Enterprise? But that's VERY nitpicky on my part.

Kadohata falls into that same category. All the talk and discussion makes you wonder why she's out there. It seems silly to me to talk so much about missing the family, but it's out of choice. It almost seems overplayed she's unhappy, when the solution is within her grasp. It makes the character seem a little weak to me. I can't think of a great replacement, but Data left big shoes to fill and it doesn't seem like she's doing a very good job.

And then Worf. I love Worf. And I like how on DS9 he became less "blow it up" and more "lets see if we can do something before we blow it up". On TNG, especially early seasons he's the guy who always calls out the dumb idea you know will be shot down. On DS9 that changed. The character grew and became much deeper. In some of the relaunch stuff it seems like he's reverted. I understand he has high expectations, but I don't think that means he should immediately underestimate people or find a flaw. I like to think of him as more...tactical now.

So I know it seems like I nitpicked a lot (and I did), but I really did like this novel a lot. It was the first Bennett novel that I've read, but now I'm on his fourth. All are great works IMO. Keep it up.
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