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Re: Comics Absorbing Influences from Other Media

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^I, for one, liked the changes JMS made to Peter's life. I liked him being a science teacher, it suits him. Also, Aunt May finding out was written brilliantly. After he initial shock, I loved it when she started writing letters to Jameson demanding he treat Spider-Man better. JMS-era Aunt May was great.
Absolutely. It's criminal to undo all that terrific character growth. Even if I agreed with breaking up the marriage (which I emphatically don't), I would've objected to them throwing out all the other cool stuff along with it. Aunt May as Peter's confidante was wonderful. It was the best thing that had been done with that character since... well, just about ever.
I'd have to agree with the both of you and I for one really liked May as finally being able to really talk to and get to know Peter after all those years of him "protecting her through lies of omission" and her "worrying about him growing up right".

Sadly they chose to tear down everything that had been built up. Now do I want May dead... No. She's too good a character to just discard without a reason.


If they (decide to) kill her, then she should be dead thereafter and not coming back all the time. Consequences are what Spider-Man has always been about. And without them, the book is lost.

The threat of a death or even better the "belief" of death works just as well, yet has none of those pesky demonic reality warping powers involved in rebooting continuity to deal with.
"You fool! You've fallen victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous of which is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia", but only slightly less well known is this - "Never go in against a Sicilian, when death is on the line!"

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