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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

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And the new Repairman Jack book comes out Tuesday.
I've still got to try one of those. What's the premise? I've read some vague blurbs about Jack being the one to help with unusual problems, but I've never seen one go into more depth. I assume there are paranormal elements involved?
There are 12 books now in the series, with By The Sword coming out tomorrow. The "original" premise is that Jack is the guy you go to if "normal" avenues (police, law, etc.) won't solve your problem. He's a vigilante who has made it so he doesn't exist. No SSN, only deals in cash, that sort of thing.

Best friend is a sporting goods store owner named Abe Grossman. Abe's store is a front for his real business, small and medium arms.

Unfortunately, as the books unfold, Jack doesn't just get the kind of jobs he's hoping for. Paranormal jobs start coming his way, as well as paranormal situations.

Jack's original appearance in The Tomb was part of a cycle of books that told the story of paranormal events occurring in the world tied to cosmic powers at war with each other. The Tomb, just like the other four books in the Adversary Cycle, can be read as a stand-alone. Jack's final appearance is in Nightworld. Some years later, Wilson decided to tell the story of Jack's time inbetween The Tomb and Nightworld. When he finishes filling in Jack's time, he will update Nightworld just like he did The Tomb.

A spoiler... Jack is a player in the cosmic war, and these paranormal jobs/situations tie in to that war.

I'm genuinely interested; I bought The Tomb some time back, and I intend to get to it before much longer.
A good book, but somewhat plodding. Don't get turned off by the first 2/3rds. The final 1/3rd is the pay-off, as is the intro to the rest of the series.

I saw what looked like a prequel or "Young Jack" type of book on Amazon. I assume you'd have to have read a few already, though, to really appreciate it.
RJ for YA. An interesting look at Jack's youth, but the "regular" books are much better. I understand there are going to be three books in the Young Jack series.
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