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Where did I say "no sex," and where did I say I was ignorant of the fact that sex sells? Now who's overreacting? I said handle it with maturity. As much as people want to rag on TOS for the miniskirts and the scantily clad alien princesses and Kirk getting it on, TOS really was far more mature than some of its successors in terms of sex and how it presented sex to the audience of the time. If Trek wants to be a serious show taken seriously by adults, knock it off with the women in catsuits and decon gel. You don't see that sort of shit on C.S.I., E.R., 24, Lost, and the rest.
Calm down, no need to overreact or anything...

Aside from a few off-color jokes, nobody here has seriously said that Trek should become become Star Porky's: The Next Generation or anything like that (or at least, not yet, anyway). Indeed, the general consensus is that Trek should approach certain subjects with more sophistication that may have been lacking in more recent productions. Now how far Trek should go with that will always be a matter of debate--some will say more, some will say less--but Trek can be a well-written series that can broach serious adult themes without being so hamfisted or sophomoric about it.

And the only reason why you don't see catsuits on CSI, ER, 24, Lost and the rest is that they ain't got Federation starships in 'em...
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