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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Consensus, but only barely in some instances. I wonder just how much adversity this disparate group can take without fracturing?

Again, wonderful stuff!

These people definitely do come from a lot of different backgrounds, all the way from the Westmoreland (which for whatever reason seems to have a really gung-ho attitude) to skeptical Federation-Cardassian War veterans, to Bajorans, to civilians. It's gonna be a challenge for Spirodopoulos, that's for sure!

Mistral wrote: View Post
Yeah, that was a great sequence. So, now what happens? Does Macet go, "OK, here's your new starship," or what?
Hah, it's not going to be THAT easy!

Remember, they have a ground battle ahead of them to GET the fifth Gălor. Plus, if I were Macet, no matter HOW trusting I was being, I still wouldn't let a bunch of Starfleeters run around with their very own Dominion-enhanced Gălor without some very close supervision.
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