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Re: Rossi On Remastered 'Star Trek'

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If the technology improves they'll find a way to do it cheaper, I'm sure. Though I don't really care about TNG-remastered. Only if they added some cool new CGI END-D interiors. I don't know how they'd do that exactly, but I would like to see some of the more exotic locations. SB-1, the larger holodecks, the big labs, the big lounges, all the stuff they couldn't do on a TV budget in the early 90's.
I'm fine with TNG's effects pretty much as they are. If they do a TNG-R, all I would really ask is that they get rid of the overused stock footage, such as the same matte paintings showing up as all those different planetary backgrounds, and the stock footage of an Excelsior-class ship every time another vessel is shown with the Enterprise.

I admit I'd also like to see what the main shuttlebay (which we never saw) looks like.
Problem is a lot of those ships that showed up as Excelsior-class ships are now set in canon as Excelsior-class. Even though it makes no sense for Excelsior-class ships to be at Wolf 359 or be Admiral Hanson's flagship. Other than that, though, I totally agree.

You don't even have to invent new classes of ship. Just use more contemporary ones, such as Nebula-class or, um, those other TNG era ships lol. And I'd love to see the Ambassador look more like it's painting.
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