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To hell with both of those. Trek needs to move away from eye candy, T&A, catsuits, and giggle-inducing decon gel rubdowns and nekkid Vulcan neuro-pressure treatments. That's not to say the human form is not attractive, nor is it to say that the characters shouldn't get in relationships with each other and have sex, but could they at least try and aim a bit higher than sending a bunch of 15-year-old fanboys scrambling for their jizz-rags?
Whoa, dial it back a bit. It cuts both ways--overreaction against anything sexy can make one look immature as well.

There's nothing remotely wrong with making Trek sexier--I think TOS still showed more skin comparatively than any of its spinoffs. Eye candy--namely putting Starfleet women in micro miniskirts and green-haired alien chicks in metal bras--is what helped sell TOS. The old adage that sex sells may be a cliche now, but it's also a universal truth. Even Kirk was something of eye candy for female viewers since it seemed he could never go planetside without ripping his shirt at times. TNG did away with miniskirts after its first few episodes, but it was the originator of the catsuits because the female uniforms were noticeably tighter and tended to emphasize the bustline.

The thing is, however, is that we live in a more politically correct and more informed age and people are very quick to pick up when something is being done deliberately--and rather badly. In the case of Seven of Nine and T'Pol, part of the problem was was that they were two characters that theoretically should have been the least sexiest members of their respective crews, and yet they were inexplicably paraded around in sexy costumes that was contradictory to their nature and culture (one might expect a Klingon female in something tight-fitting and revealing, but a Vulcan female? A traumatized former female Borg?). Fans generally saw through the producers' plan to make Seven and T'Pol sex objects as well as the real reason behind decon gel in ENT.

Personally, I definitely think Trek can definitely stand to be sexier, but I don't believe it needs to be R-rated or done in a way that it becomes a major distraction. Once again, I think TOS did it right, and I wouldn't mind a return to something like that...
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