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To hell with both of those. Trek needs to move away from eye candy, T&A, catsuits, and giggle-inducing decon gel rubdowns and nekkid Vulcan neuro-pressure treatments. That's not to say the human form is not attractive, nor is it to say that the characters shouldn't get in relationships with each other and have sex, but could they at least try and aim a bit higher than sending a bunch of 15-year-old fanboys scrambling for their jizz-rags?
Sorry..not sure what universe you live in, but SEX SALES. And since sex is something that most 'everyday' people do, then showing the characters getting out of bed, naked, or flirting..or just the normal human contact would, in my opinion, be far more realistic, and accessable, to fans who think Trek is aimed at...Dorky 15 year olds...

Its time for Star Trek to GROW UP..

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