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All of this to me shows VOY's complete lack of creativity with regard to its Borg plotting. Anytime they need a Borg reference, it's "Oh let's just throw out Wolf 359" regardless of whether it actually makes any sense.
But the examples Christopher listed show that three assimilation references were to Wolf 359, while four were not. That's not "anytime".

And indeed VOY went out of its way to put a more interesting twist to every single Borg fact we thought we knew from TNG. First contact wasn't by Picard at J-25 in the 2360s, but by others, elsewhere, elsewhen. Borg babies weren't born but assimilated. The Drones had inner lives, and enjoyed many benefits. The Collective was complicated rather than simplistic, and had aims and goals beyond the obvious or the stated.

I have never gotten the argument that VOY "dumbed down" the Borg. Before VOY, they were half-baked cardboard villains, whipped out when a generic threat was needed and the Romulans had been used the previous week. Thanks to VOY, they became characters - indeed main characters worthy of opening credits!

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