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Re: The Amazing Race - 10/5/08 - Live Commentary

The race producers understand that like in real life a cab driver will take you to the wrong place. As it is such a common event in life, they fell it absolutely should be a part of the race.

ANd I agree. Look Nick & Star also had bad cab luck, with a driver who didn't know where they were going dropping them from 2nd place to 5th.

Anthony & Stephanie at each stage of the race, tended to be at the end (and not just this episode).

WHat don't like so far, is the serious lack of self navigation that is required. I know the producers got sick of the increased level of begging and getting others to navigate for you (which also annoys me) but being able to drive from point A to point B should be a huge part of the race. ANd one that your physical shape as no bearing on.
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