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Re: Rossi On Remastered 'Star Trek'

Quote: The team was aware of fan reaction to the project. "One of the mistakes we made early on was going to these fan websites," said Rossi. "If you really want to be depressed... Those first couple episodes came out and we had created fake names so that we could interact with people. We were on these boards all the time...but after a while, you realize that it's the same twenty people posting. And it became funny to us after a while because it was like you still hate the show but you're still watching, that's good, keep tuning in. You can't blame a lot of people, they have a vision of how they want to see it done."

I'll be we could name all twenty because they're all here!
I thoroughly enjoyed TOS-R and if I hadn't already bought TOS on DVD a while ago, I would've bought TOS-R. I probably will buy it in some HD format in the future.
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