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You've got a head on your shoulders. What are you doing in this argument?
What I'm doing is getting fed up with the coded sexism underlying the "Troi can't drive" gag. It's just the old misogynistic joke about women drivers in a new context. How many times did male characters crash the shuttlecraft they were piloting? But nobody ever blames them for the crashes, because our culture doesn't have a built-in stereotype about male drivers being inept. Only Deanna gets this kind of abuse, and I'm sick of it.
Oh, I agree. I've spent much time trying to defend Troi's "driving" in Generations (and in NEM). Not sure I'd say it's sexism, but...

Ok. There's quite a bit of sexism in it.

I guess it's a good think Marina Sirtis isn't Asian, then people would REALLY be having a hoot!

I agree, in the situation she was in in "Generations" Troi's piloting was quite good.
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