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Re: Watchmen-The graphic novel

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I always get tickled pink by things like this.

Put me solidly in the "sometimes a book is just a book" camp. I'm sorry, but if you're spending entire semesters of your life analyzing all the subtle (and apparently fully intended) nuances of something, especially a comic book, you're insane. Frank Miller and company did not put that much time and effort into the book, much like Shakespeare didn't put anywhere near the amount of effort into his works as all of those incredibly pretentious college professors seem to think he did.

I find it particularly amusing that these same people just gloss over the works of people who did put an extraordinary amount of time, thought and effort into their works.

Was Watchmen a good series? Yes, I enjoyed it immensely. Was it this nearly prophetic masterpiece of brilliance and insight that people apparently send large chunks of their lives contemplating? No. No it was not.
Frank Miller didn't write it. Alan Moore did.
I like alliteration.
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