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Re: Formula 1 - Vroom Vroom! 2008 Season Discussion

Amazing race! As an Alonso fan, to say I'm delighted is an understatement!!!

Fantastic drive from Fernando. Back-to-back wins in a Renault which is 20-30bhp down on the Merc, BMW, & Ferrari is stunning! Indeed last time in Singapore he lucked into it, but today he simply blew everyone away.
How can Ferrari ingnore this guy? Get him as team leader in the mold of the Schumacher years, with a solid number 2 backing him up, and the Prancing Horse would sweep all before them again.

Also, hats off to Kubica. That was on of the finest defencive drives I have ever seen. On a circut with one of the easiest overtaking spots in the sport, he held Raikkonen off in a faster Ferrari for lap after lap until the Finn's tyres went away. Given that he is only 12 point behind Hamilton in the WDC, one wonders what would happen had BMW not halted development on this years car after Canada?
I just hope their plan of throwing everthing into the 2009 car payes off, becaus with Kubica's consistency, he could easily take the Title with a decent car.

Hamilton. What are you doing lad?
He made a bad start, but istead of tucking into 5-6 place, protecting his title lead, and giving himself a shot at a good result, he pulls an insane move into turn one, locks up everything, and almost takes half the field out!
The boy has to get it into his thick head that he is ONLY racing Massa at this stage. Kimi, Fernando, Kubica, & Kova are no danger, so just let them go and cover Massa. He blew a 17 point lead last season fighting a pointless fight in China, if they don't calm him down, he could do the same.
And I agree, the way he fought Alonso in the last lap was low. Weaving and lunging at a guy who is a lap ahead and cruising to victory was pointless and personal. Glad to see Alonso never took the bait and just pulled off the racing line and got the obnoxious little shit out of his hair.

But Massa. Calm down!
There is still a chance, but he can't keep letting Hamilton off the hook. Like at Monza, the opportunity has there to take big points out of his lead, but he let it slip through his fingers again. The move on Hamilton on the first lap was never on, with all four wheels off the track then hitting Lewis, he was lucky only to get a drive through. And I believe he was at fault when he squeezed Bourdais near the end. A good fighting drive for a point, but he really should have been on the podium.

So overall a great race, with honerable mentions to Piquet, Trulli, Bourdais, & Vettel. And only 1 week until China, with BMW, Renault, Toyota, & Toro Rosso all closing the gap to Ferrari & McLaren, it should be great!
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