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Re: The Amazing Race - 10/5/08 - Live Commentary

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I really think they should do their own driving, for two reasons. The first is that it makes for much more entertainment when teams get lost on their own or just follow someone else who is lost. Second, I was listening to an interview of Anthony and Stephanie yesterday and they said that the cabs are so crappy in some places that you have a 50/50 shot of getting one that runs properly or a cabbie who knows what he's doing. After hearing the way they described things, it sounds to me like the biggest reason they came in last was bad luck in choosing taxis, and I think it would be better to take that element out of the show.
Well they would say that, given how things played out for them. But if it were accurate then half the teams would have had the same problem they did. Which didn't happen. If it had, there's plenty of drama in that and it would have been shown. Nope they just screwed up and don't want to admit it.
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