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Re: New 'Star Trek XI' Trailer Coming Soon

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Can't wait for the trailer.

But more interviews? Noo... how many times can they say they enjoyed their roles?
Yes. And how great it was working with the crew, writers, director, producer, etc.
"It was really GREAT working with JJ and he really does have an INCREDIBLE vision."

Good thing JJ held on to the secrecy so dearly until November 08, that's going to make a world of difference. Imagine if we'd known what the Ent-bridge looked like in early summer. I'd have thrown myself off a cliff in hysterics!

Hopefully in April we won't find out the movie's being pushed ahead to Christmas 2010. Which at this stage, I wouldn't raise a cocked Vulcan eyebrow at.

(PS. Sorry my post is so Negative, but I'm still pissed that the date was pushed SO FAR ahead to begin with.)
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