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Re: Babylon 5 quotebook is finally here!

Changeling Jan wrote: View Post
DUREENA: Gods, I'm drowning in testosterone.
EILERSON: Luckily for you, you're equipped with floatation devices.
"Ruling from the Tomb" by Peter David. That wasn't my favorite episode but I'd have enjoyed seeing more scripts by him in Crusade.

Ditto. I also didn't care for that episode, myself. However, that quote IS my favorite from all of Crusade!

Harvey wrote: View Post
They were taking question submissions for a movie script book, but I'm unsure when that's coming out. Crusade script books are also in the works.
They have taken questions for the movies book, though I didn't submit any myself this time around. So far, I have not heard any word as to when that book will come out. The Crusade books are on the wish list, and I think plans are to have them one day but I dont' think any work has been done on them at all. At least O haven't seen anything on list or elsewhere. Could be wrong, though. Jan and OmahaStar/Gill-Man are a bit better connected than I on that matter.

As for buying the quote book... that was the one I really was going to skip out on. The Chronologies to me would be an excellent tool to have for understanding the whole, overall story. But once I saw the price, I capitulated and listened to the song .......
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