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Re: Comics Absorbing Influences from Other Media

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During JMS' run Spider-Man received a few power upgrades. However, IIRC, it wasn't actually JMS who wrote them in.
Yes, it was Paul Jenkins in Spectacular Spider-Man who gave Spidey the organic webshooters and the "communicate with bugs" upgrade to the spider-sense in the Disassembled crossover. I don't think JMS ever even directly acknowledged it in Amazing, nor did Mark Millar in Marvel Knights Spider-Man around the same time. Despite all the big deal that was made over it, it was all but completely ignored after the story where the change happened. We didn't see the mechanical webshooters, but we weren't explicitly told they weren't there either. And the bug-communication thing (which somehow included insects even though spiders are arachnids) was simply never followed up on at all. And then it was all rendered moot the following year when The Other put Peter through another remarkably similar metamorphosis, yet didn't even acknowledge that the one from Disassembled had occurred at all. It was as though the writers and editor all decided that Disassembled was a bad idea and tried their best to ignore it.

(Which is a shame, since most of Paul Jenkins' run as a Spidey writer was superb; he deserves just as much credit as JMS for the "golden age" of Spidey comics we had for a few years back there.)
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