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I thought for sure Voyager had run into plenty of borg that were former Federation members, linking to TNG episodes.
Several, yes. Riley from "Unity" and Laura from "Unimatrix Zero" were taken at Wolf 359. Marika in "Survival Instinct" was taken from the Excalibur in an unspecified instance that could've been Wolf 359. Seven recovered the memories of a couple of Starfleet personnel in "Infinite Regress," including at least one Wolf 359 participant as well as an ensign from the starship Tombaugh, which was assimilated with its entire crew in 2362, several years before the official first contact in "Q Who." We also met a Romulan ex-drone in "Unity" and an assimilated Klingon general in "Unimatrix Zero." So there were no specific links to any TNG episodes other than BoBW.
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