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Excuse me, but what IYO is their view of perfection?

All they have stated, AFAIK, is that they wish to add the distinctiveness of pretty much everybody to their Collective, increase the quality of life of the assimilees, and become more powerful in the process themselves. That doesn't much define their views on perfection.

The Queen likes to be a loose head, and thinks that Omega molecules are pretty cool, but from this it doesn't follow that every Drone should be bodyless or become an Omega molecule ASAP. The Borg seek perfection, that much they say - and they bolt technology to biological bodies, that much we see. So it should follow, straightforwardly enough, that perfection for the Borg is a cybernetically augmented body.

As for the claim that such a body would need to be a Six Billion Dollar Plus Value Added Tax Man, that's absurd. Six Million Dollar Man didn't fly at hypersonic speeds, so he already fell short of perfection in one field. He didn't look like Johnny Depp, so he fell short in another field, too. He didn't play the dulcimer with any skill, so he was imperfect in yet another field. And he didn't even seek to improve himself in those fields - because they were irrelevant to his idea of bodily perfection, in this case physical prowess important in being an all-around hero and rescue engine.

The Borg aren't fast runners, but that's irrelevant to physical perfection. They don't have to run, because they are invulnerable. The Borg don't dance like Bruce Lee, but again, that's irrelevant. If Bruce Lee wanted to play rough with them, he'd simply be snapped in half. And neither Carl Lewis nor Bruce Lee would be able to compete with the Borg on real survival skills, such as the hability to hack into starships.

Timo Saloniemi
ok, first off, the fact that they view the omega molecule as the epiotomy of perfection is already a big clue of their views. the efficiency, symetry, and power of the molecule. they worship it and try to be like it, like how it works. the only way to achieve that molecule is if all components are at their peak and working in harmony.

second, the example about the six million dollar man was an analogy. it's when you use something simpler in order to drive a point. i used those easier to grasp examples in order to show comparative difference between what they want and what they are doing. lol what i was trying to illustrate is that the guy was more than he used to be. his body was augmented with tech yet the tech wasn't in the way and it boosted his natural abilities. i wasn't saying that he was already perfect but essentially more than normal humans were.

third, the borg are not invulnerable lol. if that were true they'd be gods.

as far as "being fast runners" being irrelevant to physical perfection, that's not entirely true. the reason people are able to run faster than others is because they have a natural gift that gives them the advantage. the fact that they run faster is just a byproduct of the enhanced ability they have. they, of course, will not strive to be fast runners, or whatnot. that's not what boosting the body's potential is all about. ok, to use an analogy again, hopefully you understand, if a bodybuilder wants a more perfect body, he'll not neglect a certain part while boosting others. same goes for the borg. they value symetry so it has to be a unilateral boost not just one part.

clearly they value their biological components else they would just abandon. however they're not doing anything to unlock the biological potential while they are doing everything they can to unlock cybernetic potential. it's not balanced. there are so many ways to boost the biological components. one example is unlocking the potential of vulcan minds and using that to their advantage. unlocking the potential of the klingon physiology to make them virtually unstoppable.

using your bruce lee example lol imagine a borg with bruce lee's ability and a regular drone. who do you think would be more successful, if it's even a question? show the queen a borg that's agile, smart, have natural stamina, and certain abilities that you might call "powers" and see if she doesn't pick them over regular drones. that's all i'm saying. they can, and are able to to make a super humanoid borg that would elevate them a step up to perfection and would essentially follow their directive to elevate the quality of life, using the distictiveness to add to their collective, and in the process becoming more powerful and following their essential view of perfection. that would also follow their analytical view of perfection as all components will be working at their peak, with symetry and efficiency.

sorry, but does anyone see my point? am i alone in this? thinking that the borg are not following their primal drive? they are simply... being mediocre when they are capable of being so much more and have the knowledge and tech to do it? i don't know why but that's how i see them. as a species (not a plot device) they are capable of elevating themselves, which is their primal drive, but for some reason are not. they're like that 40 year old living at home working part time because the parents are rich and he's comfortable there. lol

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