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Re: Comics Absorbing Influences from Other Media

^Spider-Man communicating with Spiders, as well as a lot of other retcons/changes, happened during the J. Michael Stryzanski run (Yes, the same JMS from Babylon 5), which featured a lot of controversial retcons, although according to JMS a good chunk of them were Quesada's mandates and not his own. Basically, Spider-Man's powers didn't come from radiation but from some mystical energy (The radiation only killed the Spider) or something like that.

Anyway, on to other influences:

-For a while in the X-men comics, the X-men wore black leather similar to the films. The look of some of the villains was likewise altered to reflect the films, such as Toad, Mystique, Lady Deathstryke and others . During X2, William Stryker was brought back after not appearing for years, and was working with Lady Deathstryke. Also, whereas the X-mansion had previously only housed a few students, it became more of a 'mutant high' than ever before when the X-men went public during Morrison's run. Eventually a good chunk of this was undone, with the X-men reverting more or less to a more 'classic' look. However a few of Morrison's changes to the status quo have stuck.

-Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus briefly adopted the likenesses of their movie versions, more or less. Green Goblin ditched the purple stuff and got a more practical outfit (But not exactly the "iron goblin" of the film) and Octopus started wearing leather jackets instead of the classic green and yellow getup.

-During the release of the first movie, Hulk fought Absorbing Man who suddenly acted a lot more like Nick Nolte's David Banner character (Who had similar powers to Absorbing Man in the movie) rather than the dumber character we were familiar with. This, like a good chunk of Bruce Jone's run, was eventually retconned by Peter David.
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