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Re: Comics Absorbing Influences from Other Media

The latest volume of Invincible Iron Man by Matt Fraction has a lot of the movie in it, both in terms of writing and visually (though not the use of actors' likenesses); Fraction has been drafted to help with Iron Man 2, in a case of the influence going back to the movies. Of course, the movie is just playing on the same themes the comic does (same with The Dark Knight).
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I try to pick some up every now and then, but their tendency toward sheer fantasy which has next to no connection, even symbolically, to what's happening in the real world, just isn't to my taste. The movies on the other hand (well, maybe not Spidey) have at least started, with Iron Man and TDK, to go for some more direct allegory on topical issues.
If you like that sort of thing, you should read the current run on Captain America.
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