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Comics Absorbing Influences from Other Media

Mostly everyone these days notices how comics are influencing other media - that is, how they are providing materials for movies and tv (Smallville, for example, and assuming that Heroes is primarily an original comic book on television). But comics have almost always absorbed successful ideas from the media that they spin off. Kryptonite came from the Superman radio show, Batgirl came from the Batman television series, etc.

So, for all you folks who read the monthlies regularly - has the latest spate of highly successful superhero movies and tv brought any new ideas or looks to the comics? And what has the history of this been since the modern age of superhero movies; counting that as beginning with Superman: The Movie?

I know it's generally considered that John Byrne's reimagining of Krypton Post-Crisis (can you still refer to the DC timeline that way now that there have been fourteen or so other "Crises"? But I digress...) was influenced by S:TM. And I recall that the look of the Batman comics was pretty seriously influenced by the Burton movies, particularly the architecture of Gotham City, and that this happened fairly rapidly. I seem to recall there was some talk about Chloe Sullivan being introduced into the comics, but I don't know if that ever happened.

I'm mostly curious to know if things like Raimi's Spider-Man movies, Iron Man, or The Dark Knight seem to be having any influence over the comics. From what I've heard about what's happening in comics these days, I got to thinking how far removed they are from the movie visions, since comics seem to be very heavily into massive universe-wide team ups, and ever more fantastic villains and situations. I try to pick some up every now and then, but their tendency toward sheer fantasy which has next to no connection, even symbolically, to what's happening in the real world, just isn't to my taste. The movies on the other hand (well, maybe not Spidey) have at least started, with Iron Man and TDK, to go for some more direct allegory on topical issues. It seemed to me, while thinking about it, that it would be very difficult for comics to absorb influences from these movies, but they've been such huge successes that I don't see how they can't at least try to pull the comics towards their interpretations a little.

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