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Re: After BSG, B5, Firefly & Ds9... what's left?

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Every franchise has its over-the-top phase and fans that get on others' nerves - including DS9.
While I was a SFX subscriber the magazine went through its Babylon 5 phase, its Buffy phase and its Farscape phase. I'm assured that it's now going through a Doctor Who phase. During those phases nothing else got a look in.

Farscape's fans are louder, in fact they're just loud. The show was good, not great.

Star Trek was and probably still is THE franchise that represents science fiction to the general public. This isn't a matter of riding on the coattails of another show, so much as it's putting one show in terms commonly known by others. My "phraseology" was also a play on words with a well-known ad campaign in the States for Oldsmobile a little while back. The point not being a question of maturity, but rather one of a different generation. It was just a light-hearted way to post in this thread and nothing else.
The problem is that it doesn't work. There's only one Star Trek. It's a genre on its own.
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