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Re: Babylon 5 quotebook is finally here!

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* We are one.
* We must be kind to one another.
No. Wrong. have you forgotten?:
"I am pleased to see that we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us." --(image of) Surak, "The Savage Curtain", TOS
the whole "we are one" BS it was spouting in there was just trying to sound profound, when in reality, it goes against IDIC:
"We are one" doesn't meen "We are the same". In fact, a good bit of the Declaration is taken up by enumerating our differences.

My interpretation of the B5 "We are one" is along the lines of what Delenn said once:
We believe that the universe itself is conscious, in a way we can never
truly understand. It is engaged in the search for meaning. So it...
breaks itself apart, investing its own consciousness in every form of
life. We are the universe trying to understand itself.

That's my interpretation only but one I like. YMMV and that fits in nicely with the IDIC philosophy.
further, the ENTIRE speech can be boiled down to the very two generalized plot points you just made; it's not profound, its naive Dudley-do-right morality passed off as profound
I don't require my truths or my priciples or my morals to be complex. Quite the opposite, in fact. If more people just weighed their actions by whether it's kind, whether it's the way they'd like to be treated, perhaps the world would be a better place. The fact that the Declaration is quite poetic is lagniappe, not the substance it's trying to convey.

Because each voice enriches us and enobles us. And each voice lost diminishes us.
That seems to be in harmony with IDIC to me.

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