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Re: Babylon 5 quotebook is finally here!

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I'll only say this: "What is built endures. And what is loved endures. And Babylon 5... Babylon 5 endures."
- nicely played.

V, so much of the points you made can easily be made about so many other franchises. You obviously are not a fan of B5, which is perfectly fine and good. This book isn't aimed at you but at those people who ARE fans, and so to many of them it's money well spent.

I agree that there are some B5 items that seem too much, even to me. The "Declaration..." being one of them. It would be quite simple to create a similar product on your own. Then again, for every Babyloniac who spends $100 for that framed item, there's a Trek fan paying hundreds of dollars for a costume, a Dr. Who fan laying out similar coinage to attend a convention, and plenty more where those came from.
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