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Re: Babylon 5 quotebook is finally here!

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I mean, I know people who have spent literally hundreds of dollars on framed copies of the "Declaration of Principles";
and you know what? I think its just empty recycled rhetoric, rather than anything "profound" (on top of that, I don't believe it was correct on a more than "four legs good two legs bad" principle
* We are one.
* We must be kind to one another.
Whole religions have been based on similar principles. I don't see much to argue about. I don't undersand your analogy, either, though.

further....this is a show that ended almost a decade ago
So? Obviously these quotes mean something to people. In fact, this quote book is based on the quotes fans sent in that meant something to them. Over on the JMSnews forums there's a quote thread that's over 2800 posts long. Why? Because the show and what it had to say means something to people. And at the risk of dragging up one of those quotes, humans form communities.

B5 has been over for 10 years. The original Star Trek has been over for over 3 decades. When a show touches people, gives them things to think about, to talk about, it doesn't really matter that it's over, the meaning is still there.

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