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Re: After BSG, B5, Firefly & Ds9... what's left?

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Serious question...

I'm in the middle of this very short (and awesome) Firefly series (no spoilers). What could possible be next? I've seen all the treks. I still have Farscape, Stargate (all of them), Lost, Dr. Who... What's up the alley of a new BSG, b5, Firefly and DS9 fan?

What's left?

With my fiancee abroad, I have my work, my friends for happy hour, my books, my guitar, my gym, and my sci-fi shows. Need some advice here on what's next

I would say Stargate. Yes, there are valid complaints about the show, but it is something you can get into. The best way I can describe it is as kind of a guilty pleasure. It gets better as it goes, and is enjoyable. You know in the back of your head that it is not perfect, but it is fun and if you gel with the humor of the show, worth while.
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