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Re: What is Clark's "Secret"?

And Eva Braun's secret offspring feel a little complicit about all the families that were disappeared to create their new identities when they were put into hiding during the last days of the second world war.

Everyone died because Clark is more important they are. Little people don't matter. Most humans are little people. The universe can burn as long as any given Kryptonian gets their own way. During the second strike, the news report said "29 people are dead" and he said "My parents!" because they were more important to him than all these people who died on graduation day were inconsequential because some new menace was out to destroy him and couldn't quit hit their target.

[Erkle]"Did I do that?"[/Erkle]

In the case of the first meteor strike, Clark was the bullet rather than than the finger on the trigger. It's grunt work, but still pretty important.
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