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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Wow. The fact that the Cardassians are willing to bring Federation prisoners in on this rebellion speaks volumes as to their dire circumstances. Here's hoping Spirodopoulos can convince the rest of the Federation contingent to join. Now would be a very bad time for the Starfleeters to start breaking ranks.
They tried moving their own people around--but it didn't end well at all. Macet and company learned from this and figured the Dominion wouldn't necessarily track what they did with aliens quite so carefully. Macet in particular knows a bit about how the Federation mindset works, and that's why he was willing to gamble.

Really terrific stuff here. Socially and psychologically complex work, nicely done!

I am very glad to know this came off as credible--I was worried people would see signs of this coming early on (there are at least three areas where I hinted at it) and might be put off by it.
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