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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

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Same here, generally, though I can appreciate some slasher flicks. I enjoy the original Halloween well enough, though it's gotten harder to appreciate in light of its imitators. And if there's a major problem with it, it's the fact that it spawned so many. The Friday the 13th films are almost all garbage across the board, as with the Freddy Krueger movies after the original.
I loved the original Nightmare. The Friday the 13th films at least had the decency to descend into self-parody, although they still don't appeal to me. The only movies I can think of that I like that can be described as the slasher genre are the Psycho movies.

Yet because a generation grew up with those two franchises, whenever you mention horror to many people of a certain age, those movies are what they draw upon. They don't care for those two series of films (as well they shouldn't), so they think they don't like horror. Which is too bad. Now modern horror is dominated by all the Saw crap.
Ick. Saw. Torture porn. Definitely a sad sign of the times.

Sorry to go on the mini-rant, there. Bit of a pet peeve.
I can dig it.

That'd be interesting to see. I'd like to see little stories about characters like Lugosi's Ygor, etc. I'd be a little bit afraid of gimmicky stories, though. ("Here's a story where Fritz and Karl from Bride of Frankenstein, for no other reason than the fact that they were played by the same actor! Let's slip in a joke or plot point about how they look similar! Or say they're brothers!" Bleh.) If you ever get to edit such an anthology, please don't allow that sort of thing.
Heh. No, I wouldn't go for something like that unless there was a really good reason. It would be more like direct sequels and House Of-style crossovers; as if they had continued to make movies, but with a bit more continuity and character recurrence.

I just looked this one up on Cemetery Dance. I don't have that one, but I see it's got "Miss Henry's Bottles" in it, which was also in Trick or Treat, which I read last year. I liked it a lot, and I've been meaning to look into more of Rick Hautala's stuff. Gotta get on that. The Gary A. Braunbeck story was good, too, so I might have to check out Destinations Unknown.
Yeah, those were the first couple of books I got from Cemetery Dance; it's about time I read them.

I think you'll like it, if for nothing other than the nostalgia factor. It helps that there's some creature feature in there, too.
These are a few of my fay-vor-ite things.

Which Lovecraft or (-ian) story would you say is the "Hallowe'eniest?"
Oh, I don't know. Anything with that Autumn-y, New England-y feel is Halloween-y to me, and that covers a lot of Mythos ground. It's just that I get into that mood this time of year and I've got a bunch of HPL pastiche anthologies that I haven't finished (or started); I've got Derleth's Quest For Cthulhu, for one thing, but that's too long. I want to maximize the story quantity between now and Halloween (which is why I'm leaning mostly toward anthologies).

That does suck. Especially since it's got the three rave reviews on Amazon. I wonder if they're all the author's friends.
Maybe. I'll have to read what they say, because, despite this guy's alleged thirty-year writing career, the book reads like it was written by a teenager; awkward sentences, odd vocabulary, naive references, turns of phrase that are off enough to sound like Radar O'Reilly. It certainly isn't a book that sounds like it was written by any kind of reporter (except maybe a restaurant critic ). The main character is certainly nowhere near the Kolchak we know and love. And the book is full of simple errors, like to/too, compliment/complement, et cetera. Not that we don't all make them, but there are so many and they should have been caught by an editor in a professional publication. And there's plenty of stuff that should have been caught by spellcheck, too (Spellcheck-- The Typo Stalker!). I recommend giving this one a pass, but if you like Kolchak, you'll probably like the anthologies (despite the fact that they bring him into the present).
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