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Re: Formula 1 - Vroom Vroom! 2008 Season Discussion

Bernie and Mosley really need to GO! Their time in the sport is done. While it is a good idea to diversify the grand prix locations and have a few in the middle east and asia, I really think they're going overboard. Removing Indy was dumb fucking move to start with. Now Montreal? No grand prixs in North America at all? The only continent without one now (save Africa). I like the idea of races in India and Russia but is Korea really necessary? Abu Dhabi? Really?

I think in general it's time the gestapo like reign of the FIA comes to an end. It has been far too overbearing ever since '98 when they brought in grooved tires. Soon it was time to change the qualifying format, remove tire changes (2005 was an awful awful season to watch), and get rid of tire warmers (rumored it was going to happen this year). The huge downforce changes for next year are even more ridiculous. Artificially dumbing down the sport is getting really annoying.
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