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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

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Not me. I was never into the Halloween movies; generally speaking, slasher flicks are not my thing. I go for the Creature Feature.
Same here, generally, though I can appreciate some slasher flicks. I enjoy the original Halloween well enough, though it's gotten harder to appreciate in light of its imitators. And if there's a major problem with it, it's the fact that it spawned so many. The Friday the 13th films are almost all garbage across the board, as with the Freddy Krueger movies after the original.

Yet because a generation grew up with those two franchises, whenever you mention horror to many people of a certain age, those movies are what they draw upon. They don't care for those two series of films (as well they shouldn't), so they think they don't like horror. Which is too bad. Now modern horror is dominated by all the Saw crap.

Sorry to go on the mini-rant, there. Bit of a pet peeve.

That Van Helsing book looks very interesting; it's similar to the approach I would have taken to sequelizing the Universal Monsters (as opposed to the Dark Horse approach); an anthology of the various characters, major and minor.
That'd be interesting to see. I'd like to see little stories about characters like Lugosi's Ygor, etc. I'd be a little bit afraid of gimmicky stories, though. ("Here's a story where Fritz meets Karl from Bride of Frankenstein, for no other reason than the fact that they were played by the same actor! Let's slip in a joke or plot point about how they look similar! Or say they're brothers!" Bleh.) If you ever get to edit such an anthology, please don't allow that sort of thing.

I'm looking at the anthologies Four Octobers
I just looked this one up on Cemetery Dance. I don't have that one, but I see it's got "Miss Henry's Bottles" in it, which was also in Trick or Treat, which I read last year. I liked it a lot, and I've been meaning to look into more of Rick Hautala's stuff. Gotta get on that. The Gary A. Braunbeck story was good, too, so I might have to check out Destinations Unknown.

and the novel Summer Of Night.
I think you'll like it, if for nothing other than the nostalgia factor. It helps that there's some creature feature in there, too.

But I want to work something Lovecraftian in there, too.
Which Lovecraft or (-ian) story would you say is the "Hallowe'eniest?"

I'm about two thirds through with the Kolchak novel and it continues to suck.
That does suck. Especially since it's got the three rave reviews on Amazon. I wonder if they're all the author's friends.
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