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Re: THE HAPPENING - Holy mother of Christ, it's unwatchable.

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Never watched all of Sixth Sense and because I know the ending I don't think I'll bother to pick it up again. Unbreakable and Signs are good however he ruined his name with the 2nd half of Village and my god that lady in the water was just poor.
That's the trouble with the 6th Sense, everyone focuses on the twist and kinda ignores the fact that the rest of the film is actually a very tense, very scary and intelligent horror film. If anything the twist lets the film down for me (especially as I saw it coming from about 2 minutes in!) Watching the bits where Haley Joel encounters ghosts in his apartment/school etc are incredibly tense, same with Bryce Dallas Howard stalked in the woods in The Village. There was none of that tension in The Happening, it didn't even feel like MNS had directed it.
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