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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

^^ Not me. I was never into the Halloween movies; generally speaking, slasher flicks are not my thing. I go for the Creature Feature.

That is indeed the same Halloween Reader that I have. That Van Helsing book looks very interesting; it's similar to the approach I would have taken to sequelizing the Universal Monsters (as opposed to the Dark Horse approach); an anthology of the various characters, major and minor. That Bradbury book is on my list, too; it's based on work he did some decades ago, but I'm not sure if it's new or a patch-up.

For my Halloween reading list, I'm looking at the anthologies Four Octobers and Destinations Unknown, and the novel Summer Of Night. But I want to work something Lovecraftian in there, too.

I'm about two thirds through with the Kolchak novel and it continues to suck.
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