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Re: Destiny trilogy - speculations

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/\Sorry Bec,you seem to have been issued with one of those maps of the greater Dublin area,with the caption underneath that reads "Ireland".
There is life in the provinces,(not necessarily intelligent though).
As you do not state where in the Emerald Isle you are, that comment was uncalled for, anyway, isn't everyone living over there in Dublin as you all left because of lack of potatoes
Thanks for that, dimesdan! Last time I try to help someone out. However, on the same note, I know you didn't mean it in a bad way, but I didn't find the potatoes comment funny. Next thing you know, someone will mention leprechauns...
Leprechauns! I thought they were a welsh thing!

Anyway, I'm sorry for just a blatantly uncalled for comment, but it was just meant in jest and nothing more!
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