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Re: Formula 1 - Vroom Vroom! 2008 Season Discussion

^Yea I was ready to dump Kimi after he got stuck behind Piquet Jr. at Hockenheim. Loved him to bits last year but he's lost his zeal after getting his back end smacked by Hamilton in Canada.

I've really got a love-hate relationship with Massa. Sometimes I love his stuff but then there are other time like Silverstone. He is definately improving though and he seems to be working out his wet-weather gremlins.

I'm excited for Suzuka this week though! So glad it's not at Fuji anymore. What a race last year BTW! Vettel smacking the back of Webber (who called him a "fuckhead" I believe) and crying in the pits. The Massa-Kubica battle at the end was simply incredible! Check it out:

Speaking of BMW, I really hope they become title contenders next year. We really need another 3 team season. Can't believe they've decided to stick it out with Heidfeld but I guess you don't want someone too dominant to distract Kubica. Hopefully they don't throw it all away in post-season like Honda or Renault in 06-07 (what was it with that year!?).
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