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Re: Formula 1 - Vroom Vroom! 2008 Season Discussion

^Frankly, I was on the other side of the penalty debate. I'll post what I said on another forum:
Kimi made a racing move. Lewis was not side by side with him on the corner. At most, he had his front wing by Kimi's rear. In that situation, Kimi was correct to close the door on him.

The fact is, when Kimi closed the door, the only legitimate thing Lewis could do was to brake and resume racing behind him w/o cutting the chicane.

Instead of braking, Lewis chose to turn left and cut the Chicane gaining an unfair racing advantage.

When you do that, you need to allow the other car to repass completely and resume in a position equal to or worse than if you had made the legitimate move (braking instead of cutting the chicane).

Lewis did not do that and he was penalized.

Watch the video on youtube and you can see it for yourself:
Lewis gained a ton of momentum by not having to brake for the chicane as much and momentum plays such a huge role in F1 cornering these days. At the next race, the FIA position was clarified to be, when you cut a chicane, you need to let the other guy by and hold for at least one more corner.

But that is in the past now. Did you see Jean Todt at the singapore? He was there only as a guest most likely. I think more than schumi, they needed Todt or Brawn back. While Domenicali might be effective, his backup team seems to be doing a terrible job at the moment. The whole reason Schumi-Todt-Brawn-Byrne was so successful was that it was the total package. Driver-Management-Strategy-Car Design. Aldo Costa seems to be doing an adequate job with design but I can't really say much more about anyone else on the team. That horrendous new traffic signal shit needs to go.

Totally proud of Vettel and Torro *cough* Minardi *cough* Rosso. Great stuff. I've been waiting to see them win for a long long time. Also loved the fact that they kicked the snot out of Red Bull. Torro Rosso was my second pick for favorite team up until the whole Speed-Berger-Tost fiasco. I couldn't stand the way that situation was handled. Destroyed Speed's reputation and probably his international career when in fact it was Tost's fault. They way he and Berger left Speed out to dry was absolutely shameful.

BTW have you heard of Mosley's comments about standardizing the engine in F1? Here is a link:
Pure insanity. I'm still split on whether it is good idea to get more teams to be competitive by lowering costs but standardizing the formula right down to the engine is ridiculous. That is what GP2 and A1GP are for.
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