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ok. so borg seek perfection by augmenting biology with technology. isn't the logic of that argument flawed by default?

however, if we bypass that flaw for a sec and accept it, aren't their "improvements" impairing other functions of the biological being? if you're going to improve something, won't you keep aspects that are good and augment those? they have made the biological body sluggish and inneficient. not to mention they've made themselves quite hideous. i understand that they are probably not as concerned with physical perfection (though that's arguable) rather than functional perfection (though clearly they have not done so), but if you have that much in the way of technology, why would you need tubes, akward appendage replacements, etc. all that can be done through nanotech (which they have) without compromising the function of the body. in fact if they kept the basic biological design, they would be a lot more... perfect as they would have been able to keep the full functionality of the biological body, except with huge technological improvements. not only that but their nanotech improvements would be a lot more efficient and adaptable. as it stands, their "improvements" hinder certain functions of the biological body. making all their "improvements' streamlined, compact, and less disruptive of the biological body's design IS what would an upward improvement. what they are currently doing is more of a diagonal improvement. they are augmenting the body to improve yet losing functionality. sure, one might say that they are not concerned with those types of functions, but if you step back and look at them with their bodies fully functioning as designed except highly improved, they would be quite unstoppable.

think of it as making the 6 million dollar man rather than making a cyberman (dr who).

also, if they regard the biological body quite important, you'd think they'd employ genetic engineering. that too is technology. genetically engineered techonologically improved beings, only the Q would be able to stop them... if they could even...

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