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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hey Borgboy and other newcomers, I'm rather new to this forum too. It isn't the one in which I'm the most active. You can read me mostly in General Discussion and Voyager.

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My favorite character is T'Pol, [...] and her emotional journey of growing so much as a person makes her fascinating.
It makes me sad that it ends up being all attributed to her disease, and once she's cured, she seems to lose her emotions, perhaps even her feelings. At least she successfully puts a lid on them - which can be seen as a little selfish, because she was not alone having feelings. She doesn't seem to take the advice from the old T'Pol from the alternate timeline. At least there's a good arc about her and humans in general. (I'm glad I'm replying late, so all this can't be a spoiler.)

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Phlox's race lacks that quality to make them stand out. His race had the potential to represent free sexuality given their nonmoganamous relationships, but despite Phlox discussing his family he comes off as asexual imo.
Non-monogamous, that would be polygamous. "Trigamous", in this case. Although with the added ramifications of each wife's husbands, one should coin a new term. (Since polygamy means multiple wives, not husbands. Polyandry is not a very frequent notion... *sigh* ) "Multigamous"?? "Exponential polygamy" ?

I pretty much agree with ex-Pensive: Denobulans represent tolerance, openness (of mind), (scientific) curiosity.

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Trip is the cutest guy on the show, although Archer and Reed are also pretty yummy, just to end my intro on a totally frivolous note. (Nothing against Mayweather, he has a great body, but I find his personality to be too dull to take much intrest in him. Maybe he's just too young for me.)
Right there with you. We do watch shows for their cast, in great part. Reed is my personal favourite. You know, it's always the most sexually repressed people who unleash themselves the most, given an excuse.
Any non-Trip attractiveness talk is fine with me. I like him but there is enough Trip worship around here already. By the way, I do wish all of his fans would spell "Connor Trinneer" correctly. It's the least they should do.

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Having watched thru the end of ENT S2, they do say that [Denobulan] males are more inhibited than the females, which explains why Phlox's wife was like an alley cat in heat when she visited while Phlox barely shows signs of having a libido, ignoring advances of a cutie like Cutler who was WAY too good for him, and rejecting T'Pol during her false Pon Farr (which ethicly was the right thing to do since her judgement was impaired, but still he didn't even seem tempted the way Reed was. You knew Reed wouldn't go there - well probably not anyways, but you could still tell he wanted to, while Phlox didn't seem remotely interested.)
If memory serves, after 2 viewings I have concluded that it remains ambiguous whether Phlox serviced T'Pol or not - viewing it as being in a medical capacity: less awkward, in T'Pol's point of view, than mating with a crew member I guess. Or maybe he just confirms that he's bound by doctor-patient confidentiality about her (false) Pon Farr since Vulcans treat that like a state secret.

What to say in general about Enterprise?
Is it just me or is it the most intimist Star Trek series? It's quite character-oriented, and this is why I like it. A lot of characters get proper developments over 2 or 3 seasons already.
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