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Re: THE HAPPENING - Holy mother of Christ, it's unwatchable.

I think it's amusing they split the Day of the Triffids remake into two seperate movies, THE HAPPENING and BLINDNESS.


- The contrived way that someone has to be on a cell phone with someone in New Jersey so Zooey and Wahlberg can find out (or assume correctly) that some they know there has perished.

- The army guy who, unlike every other person who commits suicide, talks as he does it. WTF?

- The odd thing that one person seems unaffected at the beginning and the end, while everyone else freezes as their minds set into self-killbot mode.

- The guns popping out windows bit...some called was a pure Looney Tunes moment.

-That millions are dead afterward is never shown with any impact beyond some scientist guy talking on t.v. that this was a warning.

-Some sort of Michael Bay homage that Paris is the next target.
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