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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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So why is Picard repeatedly so eager to throw away the Federations only consistent "Borg slaying" weapon, Transphasic torpedos?

Seems like Picard should be the one arguing for Starfleet to avoid using them in order to wait and use them all at once against the Borg fleet when it comes.
Because they work. And because the Borg have, at least to the end of Gods of Night, shown no ability to adapt to them. (I suspect, however, based on the fact that the Ranger's maneuver didn't work when the Excalibur attempted a repeat, that the Borg are beginning to adapt to transphasic weapons.)

Picard's not stupid. He's probably as aware as anyone that overusing a weapon on the Borg is like using antibiotics on bacteria; eventually, they adapt to everything, and even the most powerful weapons will no longer work.

However, in the short term, Picard recognizes from his long experience that throwing ships, armed with conventional weapons of phasers and photon or quantum torpedoes, up against the Borg is a suicidal tactic. Starfleet will lose ships and crews, and still the Borg progress further into Federation space. Picard's desire for more ships to be armed with transphasics is borne out of his wish to end the slaughter of Starfleet's ships and crews, which are not easily replaced.

The sad truth is, and Picard recognizes this about two-thirds of the way into Gods of Night, the Borg have more resources at their disposal than the Federation. Even armed with transphasics, Starfleet will eventually fall to the force of nature that is the Borg, because there will come a point where the Borg simply overwhelm Starfleet's ships numerically.

Transphasics are, at best, just a finger in the dike. The dam itself is cracked, and soon the water will break through.
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