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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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Another question is this:

Picard is convinced that a massive Borg invasion is coming.

So why is Picard repeatedly so eager to throw away the Federations only consistent "Borg slaying" weapon, Transphasic torpedos?

Seems like Picard should be the one arguing for Starfleet to avoid using them in order to wait and use them all at once against the Borg fleet when it comes.

Instead Picard wants to use them on every single Borg ship that comes along.
I haven't read the book yet, but it seems to me like using the torpedos on each Borg ship you run into would be alot smarter than sitting around and letting the whole invasion fleet build up. If they did that, then everybody would probably be long dead before they ever got the chance to start using them. Also there is no way to know for sure if/when the Borg will stop coming, so for all they no the Borg could keep coming for months or years, and it seems kinda crazy to sit on a successful(?) weapon that long.
I haven't read Destiny yet either, but hasn't it been stated in GTTS that the torpedo most likely will only work once (or at least only temporary) because the Borg will adapt to it rather quick? So it would be unwise to use it to early, and I have to agree that the most successful sounding strategy would be to build as much torpedoes as possible and use them simultaneously in a real big clash against lot of cubes to not give them the chance to adapt to them.

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