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Re: THE HAPPENING - Holy mother of Christ, it's unwatchable.

The Happening was HILARIOUS! I laughed my ass off the entire way through. The pretentious seriousness of the bland lifeless characters... the hilarious way people died (the lion was the best, OMG I was in tears)... running from the wind...

Not to mention the ending where Marky Mark decides to run out and die because he didn't want to be in the cabin alone, so what does Zooey do? She ALSO runs out to die, AND TAKES THE KID WITH HER! Nice little suicide pact there. And the insane old woman who sleeps with the little girl doll... and the ending suggestion that the plants were actually attacking George W Bush... LOL...

SIGNS is my favorite Shyguy movie, the only one I thought completely worked. VILLAGE was terrifying until the twist, which is half dumb half clever, so I'm vaguely positive on it. SIXTH SENSE was just there for me. UNBREAKABLE was slow and boring but also a comic book so it gets a neutral. LADY WATER was god awfully pretentious but watchable (Shyguy's character will save the world in the future! wheee!).
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