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Re: October Writing Challenge - Ghosts!

Mistral wrote: View Post
I'm working on something-and considering scrapping it to do a couple of other ideas I had-this one seems to be causing an over-abundance of ideas. LOL.
You've a few weeks - write all of them!

EDIT: sorry must start paying attention and not spamming the thread

rofeta wrote: View Post
What about stuff like the salt vampire, the cloud that feeds on rage or Redjac? Would they count?
Yes, I think so - just so long as the story does involve some belief that they are paranormal/supernatural, even if they're proved to be natural by the end.

I know Trek isn't really a universe that has much time for the supernatural, since they have the technology to prove most things otherwise, but I figure there's still room for people to believe in ghosts and things that go bump in the night.
Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence - Dr. McCoy

And he says that like it's a bad thing...
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