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Re: Kirsten Dunst "Spider-Man 4" poll

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Well, I enjoyed Dunst in the first two movies quite a bit. I had not seen much with her that I enjoyed until I saw How To Lose Friends and Alienate People today and enjoyed her in the movie very much. So, there might be hope that she will be better in the fourth movie.
I just saw that movie today too. I thought it was pretty formulaic and didn't have enough bite to it but I thought that Dunst was clearly the best thing about it. (Of course, most of the other actors got less than nothing to work with. Simon Pegg isn't 1/10th as funny here as he was in "Hot Fuzz." Jeff Bridges is even blander here than he was in "Iron Man." The only pleasant surprise there was Megan Fox, who shows far more skills than she did as the Barbie doll love interest in "Transformers.")

Still, it doesn't change the fact that Mary Jane was never Dunst's best role.

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I voted get rid of them and reboot but the poll really needs a "Meh #4" option.
Indifferent options are for the weak and foster weak polls!
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