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Re: THE HAPPENING - Holy mother of Christ, it's unwatchable.

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Shamalyn (sp?) gave an embarassing interview with NPR's weekly science program (I forget the name), where he reveals how little he knows about science and how little he even understands the history of science. After hearing that, I was pretty sure what I would get out of The Happening. Which is why I haven't bothered yet.

Please - PLEASE - take the "yet" out of your last sentence.

The only thing you're missing out on by NOT watching the film is boredom and misery.
Well, I'm not saying I'm going to get to it. I'm saying either my friend Matt will buy it for the bad factor, or my parents will rent it when I'm back home because...well, Blockbuster doesn't exactly have a lot of choice in store. And then I'll be in the room, and that's when mistakes are made.
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