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Re: Red Alert: Assemble your crew

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You are close to my picks but Williard Decker? Sonak? Ilia? Why? Those three were disasters----walking loss of mission events just waiting to happen.
And your evidence to support this idiot assertion is what, exactly?


ST/TMP-all of it for two of your choices. Williard and Ilia proved to be throwaways and rather inept at their jobs. One was killed by V'GER apparently because she failed to failsafe her station during the V'GER probing and was thus data streamed into becoming a direct threat to the ship. Williard didn't show me much either. A sulking child never does show me much. If the admiral takes over, shut up and soldier.

Children do not make good naval crew.

Sonak was unlucky and inattentive, something you don't want in a science officer. Killed in a transporter accident makes the choice mute anyway. And I question the judgment of him as a Vulcan who apparently didn't double-check the transporter to which he trusted his life.

I, at least, check the safety record before I board a plane.
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