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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Capello may be a good coach but still makes bizzare squad choices, which will come to bite him in the ass if he has to choose a WORLD CUP squad as Sven shown its important to pick the right players...

James, Green, Carson
Brown, Johnson, Terry, Ferdinand, Lescott, Upson, A Cole, Bridge
Beckham, Walcott, Barry, Jenas, Lampard, Gerrard, Downing, Wright-Phillips
Heskey, Crouch, Rooney, Defoe

Can someone explain why Downing is stil picked, this is the guy who was our worst player against Andorra...ASHLEY YOUNG FFS . Also how does never play for Chelsea Bridge get ahread of Just as good but playing every week Shorey ?

Good choice to drop Bentley and since SWP is back I hope we see him and Walcott on the flanks for the Kazakhstan game though I feel Walcott & Beckham will be the better choice for Belarus.

Lampard is on wonderful form this season and while we should be able to play him and Gerrard against Kazakhstan, when it comes to Belarus then we should stick to Barry/Lampard though knowing Capello he won't resist the urge to prove his tactical genuis was a fluke by playing Gerrard on the left flank

Owen should be in the ENG squad, Capello says he prefers people who does more than score (obviously needs to read up the meaning of striker and besides)....

Crouch - Works decent for the team and scores a lot or ENG
Rooney - Works Harder for the team and scores now and again
Heskey - Works the hardest out of any striker but never scores

So surly with those 3 we should just have a 4th striker who does nothing but scores and Owen does that, plsu DEFOE does NOT SCORE or work hard for the team so how does he get played. Defoe has 5 goals in 30 caps with those coming in 3 matches against Poland, Andorra & Trinidad.

We still should win but Capello has a lot to learn IMO and the papers seem to agree on the Young/Owen stuff.
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